Putting the power of social media to work for you! - It's a BRAND new game . . .
Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds
Book: How to leverage Internet Radio to build a strong social media brand
Price: $14.95
The Unsociable Business of Social Networking
Book: Leveraging social networking to effect positive social change (So Act)
Price: $14.95

What people are saying about Your Show Will Go Live . . .

"Jon Hansen has one of the best shows on Internet radio- The PI Window on Business. He works hard at being a good host and he shares what he knows in his valuable book. It is not simply for radio hosts (although it is a must read for that audience), but is a valuable resource for anyone who speaks in public as well."


"As a guest on Jon Hansen's PI Window on Business Show I've been moved by his hosting abilities. On air he is warm, bright, engaging, and he asks powerful questions. It is clear, however, that his hosting skills span much more than his on air presence and reflect everything from his selection of show topic, guests, research, show promotion, and so on...

I've wondered how he does it. Now I know!"


"I wish Jon's book was a text when I studied broadcasting in college. He gives you a complete template for finding and booking great guests, crafting a program with consistent quality and interest and how to brand yourself so your audience will make the connection with you that will assure your success.

If you want to host your own talk show on any platform, this book is an essential part of your library."


"In 100 pages Jon packs in the information on how to plan, market, and deliver an effective Internet radio show that gets an audience motivated and engaged. Congrats Jon - you've done it again!"

What people are saying about The Unsociable Business of Social Networking . . .

"Jon Hansen's The Unsociable Business of Social Networking is an entertaining and enlightening guide . . . a must read for anyone interested in social media for social change."


"Jon is thoughtful and thought provoking in equal measure.  A natural connector and communicator, he is capable of assimilating and explaining complex ideas without making them complicated.  The combination is rare and makes for compelling reading."


"This book is a must read for anyone who is either presently engaged in social media, or is planning to do so.  These days that means just about everyone!"

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